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Why UX Design Still Matters

Some things are evergreen, what goes up must come down, do unto others as you would have them do unto you, and user experience (UX) design matters. So, if it's been a while since you brushed up on UX design or this is your first time reading about it, here are some reasons why UX design still matters.

UX Design and SEO

Let's start with the reason that may be most important with regard to UX design - Search engine optimization (SEO). For a website to bring visitors in and convert them to customers, it has to be found in the first place; that is why SEO campaigns are vital. UX design should be included in your campaign. Why? It's simple: search engines like Google and Bing crawl websites they check for ease of use, accessibility, relevancy, and an overall positive user experience. A UX-friendly website provides good architecture and ease of use, and it has a simple, organized structure. These factors will help a web page obtain a higher search engine results page (SERP) ranking. So, if a website is user-friendly, that means a visitor will spend more time on the site and return to the site, which will exponentially boost search engine rankings.

UX Design Brings Enhanced Conversion Rates and Sales

When a website has been designed above and beyond the average website it is easier for potential customers to find what they need, complete tasks easily, and ultimately make a purchase or convert to a paying customer. Positive UX design increase engagement encourages users to stay longer on the website. It has been shown in numerous studies that increased engagement boosts conversion rates and sales. When a website delivers great UX, it will drive higher user engagement, increase conversions, and improve a business's overall bottom line.
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UX Design Keeps Businesses Ahead of the Competition

In today's digital marketplace, businesses need an edge over their competition. UX design can provide that edge to get ahead. Outstanding website design is part of a company's overall brand. After all, if the website is substandard, isn't it natural to assume that the goods or services will be as well? People have come to expect a seamless, error-free experience when they visit a website. They expect it to load quickly and can easily find what they are seeking. Good UX design also makes a customer feel appreciated, which can build brand loyalty. When a customer is making a purchase in the physical world, a UX-friendly website could be the difference between choosing one product or another.

UX Design Can Reduce Development and Maintenance Expenditures

By creating an intuitive, straightforward, and user-friendly website a business can reduce the need for repeated and costly technical support and maintenance. A UX focused website will minimize user frustration and errors, leading to fewer customer service inquiries and freeing up resources for product development and enhancement. By lowering development and maintenance costs, businesses can save time and resources, which can then be invested in other areas to drive growth and success.

A Final Thought

UX design is as relevant today as it ever has been. It clearly gives businesses an edge over the competition, increases the likelihood of a visitor converting into a customer, and enhances SEO efforts.
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