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Trending in 2024: Boosting Your Website Design Game.

Has it been a while since your company's website was last updated? Was it the Obama Administration? If so, you should think about updating it. With that in mind, here is a guide. What's trending in 2024: Boosting Your Website Design Game.

Get Animated in Your Web Design

We all know that things that move catch and hold your attention, regardless of whether they are shiny objects or websites. It's that principle of movement that makes animation so effective. Micro-animations are on the cutting edge of animation. What are those? They are short animations that catch a visitor's attention to your website without overwhelming them. If you have seen your profile icon wave at you on Amazon, then you've seen a micro-animation. Some common micro animations include hover effects, loading spinners, button animations, transitions, and progress indicators.

Go Local with Your Website

Geo-located content is another trend that is gaining popularity. Why, you ask? Because it is beneficial for e-commerce and woo-commerce businesses. What is it? Geo-located content uses geolocation data gained from IP addresses, GPS data, or other location-based technologies to deliver relevant information or services to customers based on where they are. If you have visited a weather website and it knows where you are without entering any data, that is geolocation. By leveraging geo-located content, your business can create more relevant and engaging experiences for website visitors, ultimately increasing engagement and conversion rates.

Simple Custom Artwork for Your Website

Another trend among Web Designers is using uncomplicated customized artwork to better fit the customer's brand. Using uncomplicated custom illustrations and graphics convey what makes your business unique and will both improve the user experience (UX) of visitors to your website and communicate your identity. Busy, ostentatious artwork can distract from what you want to say to your customers and even miscommunicate your brand.

Thumbs Up on Your Website

It's not a new concept, but thumb-friendly mobile design continues to be important. You don't want elderly or disabled customers to be turned away because of accessibility issues. What are the key elements of thumb-friendly mobile design? Its design uses interactive elements, such as buttons and links, within easy reach of the thumb. A web designer should also make sure that tap targets are large enough to be easily tapped without causing errors in most cases, which means a minimum target size of 44x44 points. You also want the user to expend minimal effort when using their thumb; make sure spacing is consistent. It goes without saying that scrolling and clicking should be effort-free.

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Get Nostalgic with Your Website
Nostalgic design has become more popular as things like hero-images fall out of vogue. Perhaps it's the complicated world we live in daily, but from TV shows to clothing, there is a trend among Generation Z toward nostalgia. Tap into that trend and use simple design and retro-style graphics to invoke a connection with the past. 

It's not a word you'll find playing Scrabble, but skeuomorphism is vital to your web design, especially in 2024. What is skeuomorphism? It's been around since the days of Flash and fits perfectly with nostalgic design. Skeuomorphism means the digital approximation of things that existed in the pre-digital world, such as the haptics when you click the camera app on your phone. It will give the sound of a shutter closing and even show an iris closing as the picture was taken. It's all about making non-digital items seem the same in a digital atmosphere.

Alpha Website Design Can Upgrade Your Website
So, if it's one of these trends that needs to be applied to your website, or if it needs a complete overhaul, let us help. If you live in the greater Memphis area, call us at 901-310-5266 or fill out our simple contact form on this website. We look forward to designing the ideal website for your business.