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Review Management

Don't let bad online customer reviews destroy your business. Protect your reputation by monitoring your brand, deflecting negative reviews and increasing positive reviews.

Reputation Assessment
Review Monitoring

Daily Reputation Reports
Automatic Email Notifications
Review Request Form

Deter Negative Reviews
Increase 5-Star Reviews
Promote on Social Media
Review Response Coach
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Review Management Cost Comparison

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How much to get started?

Our Company:


The Competition:


Which review sites do you collect from?

Our Company:

Facebook, Google, & Yelp

The Competition:

Only Google (They usually charge you more for additional sources)

Daily Reporting?

Our Company:

Emailed Directly to you each day. 

The Competition:

They make you log in to see the report. 

How much for ongoing updates?

Our Company:


The Competition:

They charge you per report

The bottom line

Our Company:

Affordable pricing, must-have features, reliable support and a fast and easy set up process.

The Competition:

Thousands of dollars upfront, hundreds of dollars a month, pay for updates, and months to build.

Commonly asked questions and answers.

How much does Review Management cost?
Daily Reporting with other advanced features including notifications costs $99 per month.

How can this help me?
Our Review Management service is the best way to keep control of your businesses online reputation. Every business is concerned about protecting its reputation and wants to know what customers are saying about them online. Our Reputation Management tool lets you have an easy way to keep track of online reviews from the most popular review sites with daily email notifications.

Why do online reviews matter?
Customers rely on online reviews to decide if a business is good or not and this will ultimately influence where they shop, eat, and choose. The number of reviews and average star rating a business has can impact search engine ranking, website traffic, and ultimately sales. Online reviews can also help businesses identify consumer buying behavior as well as aspects of their business that need improvement.

Can I see an example of a Reputation Management Report?
Sure! Here you go:


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